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(Not so?) healthy life in the fast lane

Parenting and healthy living are wildly contradictory terms. When I think of healthy living – and consequently the purpose of my blog, or what I’d love my blog to represent – I see a vision of me in a flowing white dress sitting in lotus pose on a tropical beach at sunset, listening to the… Continue reading (Not so?) healthy life in the fast lane


Healthy salted chocolate & rosemary tart

I realised the other day that I promised on instagram that I’d post the recipe for this and rudely never delivered. Shame on me! There’s a lot going on in my world at the moment so not a lot of time for blogging, ie no extended ironicles (from chronicles – get it?!) on life through… Continue reading Healthy salted chocolate & rosemary tart


Sticky teriyaki meatless meatballs

I know, the oxymoron probably annoys you because why not just call them teriyaki cauliflower & quinoa balls? Terikayi meatballs just sound so much more appetising though, doesn’t it? There’s no harm in a little misleading honesty! It’s been weeks since I’ve eaten meat (besides fish) and it’s starting to feel normal. I don’t miss… Continue reading Sticky teriyaki meatless meatballs