Coconut Protein Date Balls

My kitchen is a haven for healthy snacks – a temporary haven anyway, since they don’t last that long before being devoured. Guests are offered strange sounding creations like date balls, cacao truffles and almond protein cookies, and while most are initially suspicious, only a few have lifelong regrets (my sister and a particularly unfortunate… Continue reading Coconut Protein Date Balls

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Spotlight on Chia Seeds

Along with gluten and wholefoods, another word currently basking in its 15 minutes of fame is superfoods. Superfoods basically describes all foods thought to be nutritionally dense and therefore containing exceptional health benefits. I say thought to be, because the medical science jury is still out on this one. As with any new trend in… Continue reading Spotlight on Chia Seeds


Gluten Free Veggie Bread

Going gluten free means you cut out an entire range of delectable goodies. No longer does your hotel breakfast buffet include several rounds of croissants and danishes, never mind the muffin you used to stuff in your bag for later (come on now, we’ve all done this!). Pancake Day becomes just Pan Day, and birthday confections are relegated to childhood… Continue reading Gluten Free Veggie Bread


Melty Choc Nut Muffins…and why I’m here

I’ve been threatening to start blogging my healthy recipes for some time now, and I have finally perfected enough successful concoctions to get it going. It would have been a bit awkward if I’d started a food blog only to run out of recipes that work in the first week! I’ve spent the better part… Continue reading Melty Choc Nut Muffins…and why I’m here