Mini Raw Carrot Cakes

One of the earlier side effects of my pregnancy was an all-consuming, get-out-of-my-way-or-I will-kill-your-firstborn craving for sugar. I even ate random things that I don’t actually like, such as boiled sweets and lollipops (lollipops? Take me back to the late 90’s club scene with a pair of white gloves and a sweetie dummy). I am exceedingly… Continue reading Mini Raw Carrot Cakes

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5 Tips for Healthy Cooking

The old school view of healthy eating is one of bland ingredients and overall tastelessness: unsalted lean meat, piles of flavourless peas and carrots and a bowl of lettuce. Of course, nobody actually makes ‘healthy’ meals like that anymore (you can serve up the above dish and have it be completely devoid of nutritional value if you… Continue reading 5 Tips for Healthy Cooking