Veggie Braai Kebabs

veggie kebabs

April is one of my favourite times of the year in Cape Town. There’s no wind, the sunny days are mild to warm and there are lots of public holidays! Last Sunday was the most perfect day – it was even warm enough to sit in our pool. On days like this, if you are saffa, you must braai. It’s non-negotiable, a product of our dna. But since we’re trying to go more plant-based, we don’t necessarily want to break out the chicken just because we’re going to light a fire.

Enter the humble veggie kebab. As you can see, vegetarian is still very much on the part-time vegan, part-time carnivore menu. This is us being very flexitarian and totes on trend. We went veggie instead of vegan because, halloumi. If you’ve never had halloumi on the braai, stop what you’re doing, go home and try it immediately. Bring your boss some so that they too can understand (and you don’t get fired).

We decorated our halloumi kebabs with peppers, red onion and baby marrow, and grilled them up with sides of charred corn and fire-roasted butternut. It was a veggie feast. Meddling toddler optional.


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