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Veganism, meat eating and tough ethical questions

Veganism is a buzzword these days – a trendy bandwagon onto which many people jump without really thinking it through. I’ve heard horror stories of kids parties where newly vegan moms serve mountains of oreo cookies and doritos chips, proudly proclaiming the lack of animal products in the ingredient list. Their kids dinners tend to… Continue reading Veganism, meat eating and tough ethical questions

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Pressure and the need to be perfect

I’ve been thinking a lot about pressure lately. We place so much pressure on ourselves while living this incredibly busy, stressful life that we have. Pressure to look good. Pressure to eat well. Pressure to work out every day. Pressure to be the best husband/wife/mom/dad/son/daughter we can possibly be. Pressure to do it all, ideally… Continue reading Pressure and the need to be perfect

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Losing The Baby Weight

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while, but I decided to wait until I had some perspective on it. Losing The Baby Weight. I write it with capitals for a good reason. It’s a divisive topic that unfortunately today comes with body shaming, unrealistic expectations and shattered self esteem. You’ll have to… Continue reading Losing The Baby Weight